Partnership Drive

So we're off and running. We have just over a month before we start shooting Changing Landscapes Vancouver Island and we've sent out partnership proposals. Sponsorship is always a tricky thing, after all there's only such much allocated for advertising and as we're approaching the last quarter of the year many budgets have already been spoken for. There's also the question of 'fit' between the sponsor and product and the simple reluctance of many to endorse advertising, especially television, when there are so many other departments scratching for cash as well.

An interesting development has already occurred though. It's one thing filming and editing, quite another looking for sponsors and the first potential sponsor I approached broached a concern that hadn't really occurred to us. Yes, we say we are going to film this series, but, in all good faith what happens if for some reason we don't produce what we say we're going to produce. Where do the sponsor's dollars go then. Are they written off? Good question, and for many that's an intangible that can't be ignored. So a suggestion was made to me. This particular sponsor indicated he would sign on and proceed with the sponsorship once we had the 13 episodes edited and ready for airing. In other words he wanted to safeguard his investment, and looking at it, it was a sound business decision. So much to learn...

So the packages have gone out, now it's time to lock down locations and try to tie down 'contra' sponsors, i.e. those willing to exchange goods or a service in exchange for a credit, such as hotel rooms, a boat ride, or maybe there's a trip in a float plane for some aerial footage. This business is a fascinating one, there are so many variables that have to be taken into account before shooting can even begin. I find it quite exciting. The thought of having local businesses 'get on board' immediately increases the scope of any production and adds a new element to the 'production team.' I was a huge rugby player in school and love the 'team' concept, the sense of collaboration for a common goal, and that's what sponsors do, they help pave the way for a successful project

The proposals have gone out, let's see where they take us.