Video on Demand

'Nomadic Bull Films'

Scott Wilson

Hello and welcome to Nomadic Bull Films, a place where quick and tight 'run and gun' short documentaries will reside. Anything from 30 second sizzles to one hour documentaries will be offered here.

Local distribution of in-house productions will be through Shaw Television, overseas will be through Filmoption International, and 'Vimeo on Demand' is our chosen platform for Video On Demand (VOD). We believe VOD is the way of the future and have chosen Vimeo on Demand as they offer one of the nicest user experiences of any VOD platform presently available.

**Please note: 'Nomadic Bull Films' is a dedicated 'run and gun' setup. The intent of this house is to record fast and efficiently and get an entertaining product to market at a minimal price-point.