Scott is a bit of a nomad and explorer. Maybe he was born a century late, maybe two for that matter, then again they didn't have motorcycles back then so scratch that thought.

Fact is he loves adventure. Maybe that love surfaced when his mother relocated him to the Isle of Man back in the seventies, or maybe it's simply because there's too much out there to see to willfully stay at home and count free range turkeys. Whatever the reason, his thirst for adventure has taken him around the world.

The Isle of Man was followed by a couple years at university but that was too structured so he headed out. His next stop was a five year stint in the Foreign Legion where he became a paratroop combat diver in Calvi, Corsica, France. He was under the illusion there'd be less structure, he was wrong, but apparently it was quite the adventure. After that he took his training overseas to S.E. Asia where he became a commercial oilfield diver for seven years. During that time he worked in S.E. Asia, the Middle East, Africa and India. Military coups, treasure hunting, ripping around on Honda Africa Twins and lounging by the beach when not at work were his norm, but even then he realized there was more to see.

With the itch setting in again he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue writing and acting. Unfortunately that one didn't pan out and after two years he fled California on his motorcycle with an empty wallet.

From there he spent time in Northern British Columbia before returning to Vancouver, where he was born, then a decade managing buildings in downtown east Vancouver and acting before moving to Gabriola Island where he now resides.

His passions include motorcycles, travel, film, photography and all things water. Converting his house to a B&B, The Nomadic Bull Bed and Breakfast, he has managed to find a nice balance between structured responsible living when on Gabriola, and borderline chaos when on adventure. The time on the road allows him to film documentaries and collect material for travel books, and time running the B&B allows him to assemble that same material into finished products....that is when he's not changing sheets and cleaning toilets!

To learn more about Scott or book a room at the Nomadic Bull B&B visit his site at

Filming on an abandoned train - Bolivia