8 part series now available

8 part series now available

'Changing Landscapes Bolivia' (as seen on Shaw TV) is now available for purchase! This 8 part series follows Dominik and Scott through Peru and Bolivia on a 6 week journey.


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Changing Landscapes vancouver island

"Vancouver Island is as exotic as it gets. But it's a different kind of exotic.
It's not palm trees and margaritas.
It's giant cedars and single malt. It's a pristine and wild exotic."

'Changing Landscapes' is an original TV series created by Dominik Modlinski and Scott Wilson. Born from a passion of travel and motorcycles Dominik and Scott will take the viewer to varied and changing landscapes. Some may be familiar, others may not, but in each case the landscapes will be documented through Dominik's work as an artist and Scott's work as a film maker. Combining their mediums their goal is to take the viewer to exotic destinations, meet the locals and embark on an adventure or two.

Their first collaboration, 'Changing Landscapes Bolivia,' was filmed during a 6 week trip to that country in the fall of 2014. It is currently airing on Shaw Television as an 8 part series.

Their next series, 'Changing Landscapes Vancouver Island,' was shot during the month of October and the 13 part series will be offered on Shaw TV and Vimeo on Demand in July 2016.

It is their goal to produce, shoot, and release at least one Changing Landscapes series per year.

Join them on Changing Landscapes TV, or......CLTV!

And for those that would like a closer look at Dominik's art we are happy to inform you that all artwork created during the Changing Landscape series and all subsequent series will be available for purchase through our store right here at Changing Landscapes TV. These pieces will include Dominik's original 'oil sketches' from the field and prints of those same sketches. And of course the series itself!