Changing Landscapes - Bolivia

So it's official!!!

Yes, we're live.

Dominik and I are proud to announce that 'Changing Landscapes Bolivia' is now airing on Shaw Community Access Television. This is our first goal towards offering a premium adventure motorcycle travel series for those that love adventure, motorcycles, exotic destinations, questionable food, aggressive dogs and the 'travelers trots!' This eight part series began airing on Shaw TV last week and will run for eight weeks with the introduction of a new episode each week. After that it will be rerun so we've been told.

Through Dominik's great work on social media we've already had a very enthusiastic response to what's going on. The only negative, and I concede it's a large one, is that it isn't available to a larger we're working on that. With a bit of luck and some sweet talking we're hoping to bring it to the Reelhouse VOD platform (video on demand) soon.

As you know any creative process is a learning one and we learned much from our six week trip to Bolivia. It's our goal to take each successive production up a few notches in the production value department, so if you enjoy Changing Landscapes Bolivia you're going to love Changing Landscapes Vancouver Island! But more on that tomorrow.

This little blog is about Bolivia. If you haven't been you need to seriously think about going, if you have then you'll know what I'm talking about. Bolivia is a good old fashioned adventure, seriously, if you love drinking Martinis by the pool or being pampered in the spa then forget about it because Bolivia is as crusty around the edges as dried out macaroni and cheese. You're going to get dirty, you're going to eat dust, you're going to freeze one day and bake the next and if you have an aversion to chicken and potatoes than you'll swear you're in purgatory. Personally I thought it was heaven. Nowhere on the planet, and I've traveled a bit, have I seen such a diversity of landscapes, and they're not just different, they're bludgeon the senses different. One day we were on the azul waters of Lake Titicaca, the next we were in the drab Andean foothills, then the jungle, followed by the 'Road of Death.' How can you not enjoy something like that? Then there followed the Altiplano and the Salar de Uyuni (the world's largest salt flats) and a 500 year old silver mine...that's still being mined. Bolivia is one of those rare countries that will stay with you long after the travelers trots have cleaned you out. I could go on and on and on...but I won't. Instead, check out the series 'Changing Landscapes Bolivia.'

Lake Titicaca

Into the Andes

Macaws everywhere...

The Potosi silver mines...500 years and still mining!

The 'Road of Death' -

The Salar de Uyuni -