We are looking for five principal financial sponsors, one from each of the following five groups.


Spunky's Motorcycle Shop

We are pleased to announce Spunky's Motorcycle Shop in Parksville have joined the adventure. The owner, Simon, has a passion for motorcycles that might even surpass our own. Fancy that! And if you question that, check out the shop for yourself. Gleaming KTMs, Yamahas, Kawasakis and some Italian exotica that goes by the name of MV Agusta. And if you need some riding gear to go along with that shiny new purchase they'll kit you out too.

Motorcycle maintenance and Clothing: 2,000$

Camera and Audio supply: 2,000$

Outdoor clothes and Accessories: 2,000$

Art Supplies and Galleries: 2,000$

Nourishment!: 2,000$

Tourism and Cultural ties: Potential tie-ins

Reelhouse is a Vancouver based VOD (video on demand) platform. By uploading to Reelhouse anyone with an internet connection can watch 'Changing Landscapes Vancouver Island' at any time on multiple devices for a small fee.

'Changing Landscapes Vancouver Island' will be released on Reelhouse after its run on Shaw Television